Our Team

Front Desk Team:

Our front desk team is here to welcome you to our office, answer questions, and make your entire experience as seamless as possible.

Lori Golka, CPO

Patient Coordinator for Check-Out

Team Member since 2021

Suzy Hilgerson

Scheduling and Call Center

Team Member since 2023

Jackie Lensing

Patient Coordinator for Check-In

Team Member since 2021

Nicole Waskow

Business Assistant and Accounts Manager

Team Member since 2021

Optometric Technicians:

Our team of technicians will guide you through your exam collecting information and performing necessary testing for our doctors.

Mary Hemesath, CPOT, ABO

Optometric Technician

Team Member since 1996

Jessie Lennon, CPOA, NCLEC

Contact Lens Technician

Team Member since 2007

Cassie Malone, CPO

Optometric Technician

Team Member since 2021

BreeAnna McCarthy, CPOT

Optometric Technician - Diagnostic Testing Analyst

Team Member since 2016

Hannah Smith

Optometric Technician

Team Member since 2023

Nicki TerBeest, CPO

Optometric Technician

Team Member since 2019

Emily Whalen, CPOA

Optometric Technician

Team Member since 2017

Optical Team:

Our team of opticians and eyewear stylists will make sure you are wearing the best pair of glasses to fit your needs and style. We will also help you care for and adjust your glasses to keep them fitting well.

Laura Busta, ABO

Optical Manager

Team Member since 1997

Renee Schissel, ABO

Optical Fabrication Specialist

Team Member since 2000

Beth Snyder

Eyewear Stylist

Team Member since 2022