​​​​​​​Comprehensive Eye Exam

We offer comprehensive eye exams for all ages.  As your primary eye care provider, we recommend an exam every year to assess not only your vision and the need for prescription lenses but also your eye health.  We integrate your medical history and medications with your eyes to provide an overall picture of eye health.  We believe healthy eyes = healthy vision.  We will dilate your eyes to get a full assessment of the internal structure, while also looking at the external structures of the eye as well. 

​​​​​​​Eye Disease Management

Our doctors are well-trained in the diagnosis and management of eye diseases.  Coupled with our up-to-date technology we have the capability for early detection and treatment.  Some of the more common diseases we manage include age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic eye exams, and dry eye to name a few. 

​​​​​​​Children’s Eye Care

Children deserve eye care from a young age.  A child’s first eye exam is recommended to be between 6-12 months of age.  We will see kids of this age for a free eye exam through a program called InfantSee. We also provide 3-year-olds with a complementary vision assessment through a program called See To Learn.  From there, we recommend seeing kids as they enter school to make sure their visual system is developing properly and yearly thereafter.  Kids not only need to be able to see clearly but also to see easily, which includes making sure that their eye movements are optimal which can help their success in school. 

​​​​​​​Specialty Contact Lenses

Our doctors and technicians are trained to fit a variety of contact lenses, even those that may be “hard to fit”, or lenses that are medically necessary. These various types of contact lenses include soft lenses, multifocal lenses, hard lenses, or scleral lenses. 

​​​​​​​Local Eye Surgery

We are proud to partner with WinnMed and Mayo Clinic to provide cataract surgery in Decorah.  Our surgeon, Dr. Sunil Khanna, comes from Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN to provide this service.  He sees pre-op and post-op patients at our office and performs cataract surgery at WinnMed.  Dr. Klocke and Dr. Schwartz work closely with Dr. Khanna to co-manage these patients through the entire process.  Along with that, Dr. Khanna is also able to perform intraocular injections for macular degeneration at WinnMed. 


Neurolens are the first and only prescription lenses that include an element of contoured prism in their design. This prism is designed to bring the patient’s eyes into more equal alignment, and this should help to provide relief from the symptoms that are associated with several eye misalignment conditions, including digital eye strain and binocular vision dysfunction.

​​​​​​​Emergency Eye Care

Eye emergencies cover a range of incidents including trauma, scratches, foreign objects in the eye, infections, or any kind of loss of vision to name a few.  We understand these things are not planned and will do our best to see you for these incidents as quickly as possible.  We also know these incidents don’t always happen during normal business hours.  Our doctors are on call after hours and during the weekend.  Call our office at 563-382-4279 if needed.

​​​​​​​Myopia Management

Myopia, otherwise known as nearsightedness, is a very common issue throughout the world.  While this may seem like a common condition that shouldn’t be cause for concern, there are more serious conditions myopia can be associated with, and for kids who constantly go through vision changes, it can be disruptive to their time during school.  New research has found treatments that slow the progression of myopia.  This can be done with certain contact lenses or medication.  Schedule your child for a comprehensive exam to determine if this is necessary, as early detection and treatment provide the best outcome. 

​​​​​​​Frames and Spectacle Lenses

Our optical boutique, Eye Catcher Frame Fashions, has a large selection of eyewear for all ages and members of the family.  If you are looking for a fun, unique pair of glasses or a classic frame that will never go out of style, come browse our selection.  We utilize the most advanced lens designs to provide the crispest, clearest vision in your glasses as well.  No need for prescription glasses? No problem! We also have a great assortment of non-prescription sunglasses to keep your eyes healthy and you looking good!